Granma on Cuban App Developers

Granma, Cuba’s state-run newspaper, recently published an interesting article on some of the work of Cuba’s new app developers. The article is worth a read, with some help from Google translate. Here are some of the most interesting highlights:

  1. The number of Cuban developers has skyrocketed in the past five years, since the government started licensing programmers: “The permit for “Programmer of Computer Equipment” was approved in 2010. In September of that year there was only one cuentapropista registered in such activity nationwide. However, the figure increased to 1277 in 2016, according to Jesus Otamendiz, director of employment at the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. Havana has the largest number of workers in this area, with 808.”
  2. Developers are creating programs to improve the services of ETECSA. From Liosdany Muñoz Carballo, founder of Adictos al iPhone: “I am in favor of easiness, and I don’t view myself as a competitor [of ETECSA], but as a user that is offering to convenience to other users.”
  3. The new Cuban app La Neurona is a collaboration between cuentapropistas and the Cuban government: “La Neurona, an app result of collaboration between the state sector and cuentapropistas, has been well received among young people…[and is] based on the TV show El Selecto Club de la Neurona Intranquila.”
  4. Cuban developers are able to copyright their apps: “…[The National Center of Copyrights] does not register mobile applications as such, but the law provides protection to computer programs. ‘In this category we award on average about 300 a year.'”

Read more on Granma.

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