Ringing in the New Year in Havana

The start of an annual tradition, this winter Innovadores organized a New Year’s trip to Havana Cuba for a group of 10 young professionals in the fields of design, marketing, engineering, tech, and architecture.


In addition to the regular Innovadores activities—including meetings with entrepreneurs, a tour of Old Havana, and dinners with Cuban creators—this trip focused two of the most interesting areas of Cuban culture and industry: Art and Agriculture.

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The New Year’s trip included:

A private New Years Eve Party hosted by Cuban musician DJ Jigue at his rooftop venue in Centro Habana



A tour of an organic farm and a presentation on Cuba’s unique organic farming practices



A visit to a tobacco plantation for a demonstration of how to hand-roll cigars—one of Cuba’s largest exports


A visit to the workshop of Rosana Vargas, the creator of the Rox950 line of jewelry and a stop at one of Havana’s few vintage record shops



Stops at several small galleries in Havana and meetings with the artists behind them, as well as a visit to the Museo de Bella Artes—one of the best art museums in Cuba


A culinary tour of a range of eateries in the city—from small local paladares to high-end restaurants—to try traditional Cuban food as well as Havana’s leading cuisine


A night of Cuban Jazz at Corner Café and a tour of the always excellent Fabrica de Arte Cubano


If you’re interested in joining us on our next New Year’s trip, or any time in between, join us!


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