The Struggle of the Cuentapropista

Ask any Cuban what they’d like to improve in their country and most don’t know where to start. A few will rattle off half a dozen ideas, but when pressed for solutions often draw a blank. The most enterprising Cubans, however, have already selected the problems they want to solve and are taking their ideas from idea to invention. They face myriad challenges, but many … Continue reading The Struggle of the Cuentapropista

Smerconish on Cuba: “It’s All Different Shades of Gray”

Photo copyright Christopher P. Baker Michael Smerconish, radio host, CNN anchor and journalist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, recently traveled to Cuba with this his family for a chance to see the country before it inevitably changes. This wasn’t the first trip for Smerconish—he had previously traveled to the island nearly fifteen years prior to interview Fidel Castro. We had the opportunity to sit down with … Continue reading Smerconish on Cuba: “It’s All Different Shades of Gray”

The Newest of the News

  There’s no lack of interesting news to report in Cuba, but only a handful of news sources. For decades, the only written media source on the island was Granma, the state-run newspaper. More recently, as access to the internet has increased, new blogs and online magazines publications have started popping up. These new sites are great because they offer commentary on specific topics or … Continue reading The Newest of the News

Cracking Havana’s Almendrones

Streets filled with classic American cars is probably the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Havana. It’s not far from the truth; these mechanical relics of the 1950’s are everywhere, and they’re not just for tourists. Cubans take them as well, in the form of maquinas (machines), botero (bottle) or almendrones (almonds, because of their resemblance to the curved body of a … Continue reading Cracking Havana’s Almendrones

Work In Progress: Cuban Government Poised to Permit Small Business

On May 24 the Communist Party of Cuba published the conclusions of the Party Congress held in April 2016, the most important of which is that the Party envisions a role for micro, small and medium size businesses in the Cuban economy. This reference is a significant acknowledgment that non-state owned companies could contribute to Cuba’s development. This change follows initiatives in recent years authorizing … Continue reading Work In Progress: Cuban Government Poised to Permit Small Business