On the Ground in Cuba: Quarter 1 Update, 2017

Subscribe here to receive our Quarterly Updates via email. It was a big quarter for the Innovadores team. The year started off with our private rooftop New Year’s party hosted by one of Havana’s best DJ’s and ended with our organization being featured on the cover of Cuba Trade Magazine (below). But it hasn’t all been parties and photoshoots. We’ve been working hard with our … Continue reading On the Ground in Cuba: Quarter 1 Update, 2017

Back from Havana

I got a memory reminder from Facebook–I generally hate them–but this at least helped me place a watershed moment in Cuban-American relations…the day I met John Caulfield. In the two years since, the Innovadores has blossomed under John and Jono’s efforts, and I have played a small part in assisting them. I’m back from Havana this time feeling so alive with optimism. Ok its measured, … Continue reading Back from Havana

The 2016 Innovadores Interns

Above: Innovadores Class of 2016 interns Ruben Rosquete, Laura Gutierrez, and Raynel Gonzalez (left) with Class of 2015 interns Gabriel Garcia, Gabriela Rodriguez, and Raul Saunders (right) with Innovadores Foundation Director Jonathan Matusky (center). For the second year of our exchange program, the we’re once again sending three brilliant Cuban students to the United States to work at one of the premier startup incubators in … Continue reading The 2016 Innovadores Interns

We did this: Innovadores Year One

The Innovadores Team: Miles Spencer, Jonathan Matusky and John Caulfield on the streets of Havana in April 2016 Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. ~Margaret Mead The Innovadores Foundation just completed the most amazing year of progress, thanks in no small part to that small team, and the support of … Continue reading We did this: Innovadores Year One

What’s in a Name?

Sometimes you hit it with a name. Often, you don’t. After much thought, we decided to rename our recently named CAA Foundation as the “Innovadores Foundation” . This was to not to confuse ourselves further with the CIA when dealing with an island nation whose last fifty years were spent not exactly loving that branch of our government. Seems prudent, no? We often would get looks in official … Continue reading What’s in a Name?

Innovadores de Cuba: Chapter One

We said goodbye to our three interns: Gabriel, Gabriella, and Raul a few hours ago after touring AAAS in Washington DC. If all goes well, they will touch down in Havana in 24 hours, totally transformed by their time here. At lunch today I was impressed with how humble and smart these kids are. They were literally plucked from Havana six weeks ago, became media sensations … Continue reading Innovadores de Cuba: Chapter One