The Cuban Uber. Or should we call it Cuber?

A group of Cuban entrepreneurs calling themselves SEIM are attempting to create the Cuban Uber (Cuber?) Though it’s still in its infancy, the app has the potential to change the way Cubans, and tourists, navigate the island. According to a recent article in Cubanet, the group will be releasing the app, called RenC, this October, though they’re already registering drivers. Airbnb recently took of in Cuba, … Continue reading The Cuban Uber. Or should we call it Cuber?

Cracking Havana’s Almendrones

Streets filled with classic American cars is probably the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Havana. It’s not far from the truth; these mechanical relics of the 1950’s are everywhere, and they’re not just for tourists. Cubans take them as well, in the form of maquinas (machines), botero (bottle) or almendrones (almonds, because of their resemblance to the curved body of a … Continue reading Cracking Havana’s Almendrones