The Business Owners Council Visits Cuba with Innovadores

In March, Innovadores led another trip to Havana for some of the United States’s leading entrepreneurs, all members of the New York-based entrepreneurial network the Business Owners Council. The visit explored the breadth and depth of Cuban innovation and entrepreneurship. The trip included: A meeting with Scott Hamilton, Deputy Chief of Mission of the US Embassy, at the US Ambassador’s residence A trip to the … Continue reading The Business Owners Council Visits Cuba with Innovadores

Reigniting Havana: Neon Returns to the City

A pair of Cuban have embarked on an illuminating (sorry) art project here in Havana, the LA Times reports. The two are reigniting the lost neon signs that covered Havana in the 1950’s. Back then, it was something of the Las Vegas of the Caribbean—or, more accurately, Las Vegas became the Havana of the United States after the 1958 Revolution when the new Cuban government … Continue reading Reigniting Havana: Neon Returns to the City

Wifi Coming to the Malecon

The Cuban government recently announced they would be expanding their wifi hotspots to include all five miles of the Malecon. Although the service will be continue to be very expensive for ordinary Cubans, the increase in access points will be welcomed. This is the next step in a government program that began a year and a half ago. In order to increase internet access to … Continue reading Wifi Coming to the Malecon

10 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Cuba

TravelIf there’s one thing I’ve learned traveling to Cuba, it’s that the country is built on human interaction. Cubans rely on in-person meetings and build networks through trust and friendship. Phone calls are limited, internet access is difficult, and even texting is uncommon. As a result, anyone that wants to get anything done in Cuba has to go there, and go there regularly. To help … Continue reading 10 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Cuba

Cracking Havana’s Almendrones

Streets filled with classic American cars is probably the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Havana. It’s not far from the truth; these mechanical relics of the 1950’s are everywhere, and they’re not just for tourists. Cubans take them as well, in the form of maquinas (machines), botero (bottle) or almendrones (almonds, because of their resemblance to the curved body of a … Continue reading Cracking Havana’s Almendrones