Wifi Coming to the Malecon

The Cuban government recently announced they would be expanding their wifi hotspots to include all five miles of the Malecon. Although the service will be continue to be very expensive for ordinary Cubans, the increase in access points will be welcomed. This is the next step in a government program that began a year and a half ago. In order to increase internet access to … Continue reading Wifi Coming to the Malecon

The Internet in Cuba: Wifi Hotspots

Part of our ongoing series about the internet in Cuba, we look at one way many Cubans and tourists get their internet: Wifi hotspots. A relatively new phenomenon in Cuba, these hotspots are completely unlike anything in the United States. The program started in the summer of 2015, when the Cuban government opened up hotspots in 35 locations throughout the country, mostly located in Havana … Continue reading The Internet in Cuba: Wifi Hotspots